Something is a-foul

The 8/14 Glencoe Grand Prix  marked my first race of the 2010 year.  I entered the Cat 4 race for the sole purpose of gauging my fitness going into cross season and to provide a support role to Jamie, Stan or Hemme.   100 riders pre-registered for the race, but I’m guessing not all started due to the heat.  With an 11am race, the temp ratcheted up rather quickly throughout the morning.

The team’s plan was simple.  Hemme and Popper would get the hole shot and try to split the field appart. The rest of us would try to shield Jamie and Stan from the wind and make the rest of the field work.  Part 1 of the plan worked flawlessly.  Hemme and Popper threw a grenade into the field from the start by setting a relentless pace of 25-28mph. By the end of the first lap, I heard the announcer say they already started to gap the group I was in.  Sadly, Jensen and I were unable to help protect Jamie and Stan as they were able to bridge up to the Hemme/Popper group.

At one point during the race, I tried to give it a go off the front, but was unsuccessful. With all hope of reconnecting with the lead group dashed, I settled in with a group of 20, just trying to stay safe.  At minute 30, we received the signal that we had one lap to go before being pulled. On the descent of the last lap, I lost my powertap computer over some of the rough road.  Not wanting to lose a $200 piece of equipment, I stopped to pick it up, but I lost contact with my group and was lapped in the process.  I finished my lap and assumed I’d be scored at the back of my 20-person group completing 9 total laps.

Given my low expectations of finishing well and treating the race as a “training” event, I didn’t care about where I placed.  After checking out CBR last night, I looked at the chip timing results from our race.  This is where it gets interesting.

1) I was not even placed.  You’d think with chip timing, it’d be able to count the total number of laps I completed and they’d place me accordingly.  This happend to Popper as well.  2 DNF’s ….

2) The best lap time for the Cat 4’s was 2:59 while the best time for the Cat 3’s was 3:03.  The best time in the Cat 1-4 Masters 45+ was 2:58.   This tells me we have some fast Cat 4’s that should be Cat 3’s at the very least.  The upgrading process is broken in my opinion.  Our IL official should take a look at the lap times and consider upgrading at least 10 individuals from the 4’s. 

3) With cycling becoming more popular, in a way we are limiting our growth by not properly upgrading people based on their ABILITY.  There were 2 full Cat 5 fields of 50 riders and 1 full Cat 4 field of 100 riders.  How can the sport grow when the developmental categories are completely filled? 

Food for thought on this Monday morning.


You smell that?

With CX season beginning soon, now’s the time to glue your tubies.  If you haven’t been stretching your new rubber all summer, then you better get on it.  I need to glue my 2 sets of wheels this weekend and have found the following process (as documented by Ben Popper) to work the best.

Get to gluing my friends, but remember to do so in a well ventilated area.

Tri-ing in 2011

Damn, it’s been a long time since I last posted.  Life is busy: tried to sell the condo – failed; studying for the CPA exam – better NOT fail; enjoying watching Bobbi work toward her goal of running a half marathon.

I think I’m going to take a different approach to racing in 2011.  Since I won’t be able to “train” hard until after 5/26/11 due to the CPA exam, there’s no way I’ll be able to be competitive in crits.  While I’m hoping I’ll be good to go for CX, I think I’ll incorporate a Olympic Distance Triathlon into my training regimine. 

Currently looking at the Chicago Triathlon at the end of August (even though the thought of swimming in Lake Michigan gives me the creeps….blech)  or  the Lake Geneva Triathlon in September.   I’m 100% confident I can complete the run and the bike legs, but the swimming leg will be nerve racking in open water with everyone else.   Swimming has never been my strong suit (as Bobbi can attest), but with a little training, I’m sure I can avoid drowning.  What would make this experience even better would be for Bobbi to compete in it with me.  Guess we’ll see

In other news, CX is right around the corner.  With the CPA exam in full swing, you’ll probably see me laboring in the back due to lack of adequate training. If that’s the case, please give me a beer. See you at the races.

How to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon:

Head to a park with friends.

Race bikes around said park.

Add $$$, cookies, beer, and cheese fries.

Scream until you’re hoarse.

Go home eat the pot roast you put in the slow-cooker before leaving! 


Bobbi & Helge get ready to heckle the 4b's

Bobbi & Helge get ready to heckle the 4b's

Why I love CX

I love the heckling!

Helge & Kevin heckling Josh

Helge & Kevin heckling Josh

After a large turnout, results have been posted from JacksonP Park. I raced a double header, opting for the 3’s and 1/2/3’s that day. Turns out I finished about 31st/60 something in the 3’s (right behind my teammate whom I’ve marked as my strongest competition) and 27th/36 in the 1/2/3’s (even though I was terribly slow).

The 1/2/3’s race had me blowing up about 20mins in, but luckily i only got lapped once, and none of the fast guys y yelled at me for getting in their way! That’s a positive thing.

Another double header awaits me in Dekalb this weekend. It’s my goal to finish on the lead lap of the 1/2/3 race while racing a double this year. I guess we’ll see what happens.

a Oversleep and wake up 30 mins before your ride is supposed to pick you up
b Dont eat breakfast, instead eat a banana and a power bar
c Stretch
d Dont warm up
e Work on a teammates bike
f Line up
g Sit in the mid-pack for 98% of the race
h Avoid the dead opposum
I Avoid the 2 crashes
j Sprint hard
k Cross finish line, body and bike intact.
l Have 2 Old Styles with the team.

Raced the Cat 4 40 mile Road Race Championships in Western Springs IL and finished 15/56.  Good times and great team Love.